Our philosophy

With more than 25 years of creative and technical experience learned from the field, we have been assisting our clients for more than 15 years in the process of designing and deploying the furniture and equipment that equip their point of sales.

We intervene for all or part of your projects taking into consideration your internal skills.

Whether it’s for Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, boutiques or specialty stores, our expertise allows us to offer you an objective and informed analysis.

Our skills

Our respective trainings as well as the experience acquired during the execution of customer projects give us the ability to assist you in the study and design of your furniture and to rethink the customer experience in store.

The launch of a study or re-modeling project can be motivated by different reasons, but this requires the compliance with a process which will achieve the objective.


Nothing exists, but you know what you want!


Optimize existing furniture or concepts.

Design to value

Create material that meets a need, increase performance and optimize cost.

Design to cost

Create furniture that respects a budget while guaranteeing the expected functionality.


Technical support in prototyping and deployment phases.

Our values

Ability to listen, creativity, analytical and technical skills.

Position ourselves at the right level of intervention and help our clients to express their needs by highlighting the constraints and the socio-cultural issues.






S.E.P. Consulting srl

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